Here are some of the Interviewees in our movie.

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Former Chair of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space,  FormerDirector General of Space Science of the Canadian Space Agency.

Former Chair at UN COPUOS

Dr. David Kendall


Chair of the Canada Space Advisory Board & Director of HEC Montreal Summer School on Management of Creativity in an Innovation Society.

Dir. MOSAIC (HEC Montreal)

Dr. Lucy Stojak


Professor and former Director of the McGill Institute of Air & Space Law (Montreal, Canada), MILAMOS project Director.

Space Law- McGill University

Dr. Ram S. Jakhu


Artist in Residence (SETI Institute), Owner of Visual Voice Gallery (Montreal, Canada), Editor Belgo Report Online Art Magazine

Space Artist & Gallery Owner

Bettina Forget


Post-doc fellow at Tech3Lab (HEC Montreal, Canada) in Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.

HCI Researcher - HEC Montreal

Dr. Alex Karran


Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Doc Lab (USA), sociologist of new media technologies, and documentary filmmaker at EyeSteel Films.

Sociologist - MIT 

Dr. Sandra Rodriguez


CEO at Airvantis, CTO at and Mission Director at Garatéa (Brazil). Only Brazilian to work in the Rosetta Mission at the ESA. 

CEO Arvantis & Garateia Project

Lucas Fonseca


Co-Founder of the New York Space Alliance (USA), International development specialist, and Lecturer in International and Public Affairs at Columbia University (NY, USA).

New York Space Alliance

Sidney Nakahodo 


MSI Postdoctoral Fellow at the McGill Space Institute (Montreal, Canada) and is affiliated to the McGill Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Physicist - McGill Space Institute

Dr. Ngai (Erik) Chan 


Concordia, ETS, McGill, Polytechnique.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal Space Student Association

About the movie


Press Release

Although humans have wondered about the mysteries of space over millennia, it was just until a few decades ago that the first human endeavored into space. For a long time, space travel was an activity exclusive to governments and their respective space agencies. Now, private commercial space transportation is a reality that is about to change human life forever, triggering a series of questions comprising various perspectives including politics, economics, and human psychology, as well as a diverse of philosophical and social aspects. Commercial space transportation is changing paradigms and models about our existence and the way we perceive ourselves. Asteroid mining, space tourism, space stations, Lunar and Mars human settlements, and supersonic intercontinental point-to-point travel are some of the technologies that will become a reality in the next 5 to 10 years. Nevertheless, the majority of public know very little or nothing about it and seem to be completely unaware of the debate surrounding the topic.

What are the political implications of the use of land in a Lunar and/or a Mars human permanent settlement? What are the economic consequences of altering the supply of precious metals through asteroid mining? What are the biological hazards of bringing water and metal resources from space to Earth? How can today’s exceptional international cooperation in space be continued, and military conflicts over the exploitation of celestial bodies be prevented? How will supersonic flights, such as from London to New York City in 3.5 hours or from Tokyo to San Francisco in 5.5 hours, impact immigration and local and regional labor markets? Will the experience of space have an impact on human psychology and creativity? Will space tourism, space stations and a new perception of Earth produce a new philosophical debate about a borderless world? How will the democratization of space via its commercialization affect the evolution of humanity during the next 100 years?

We want answers to these and other questions. Therefore, we will interview Politicians, Economists, Environmentalists, Lawyers, Military and Business People, Artists, Philosophers, Astronauts, and Academia to build a documentary that will bring us to the depths of the fascinating world of private commercial space transportation and understand to the best of our possibilities how it will impact humanity. We are at the verge of experiencing events with the potential to be more disruptive than any other that has ever occurred throughout human life. Now, it is time to explore them.

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